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About Legacy

Legacy Components is the leading supply chain service provider

Our niche is our experience and out of the box thinking in developing solutions tailored to the customer challenges with their supply chain.  We are here to enhance your competitive edge through effective and efficient supply chain management, translating into better product availability and profitability.

Legacy Components’ customers benefit from using one supplier, rather than working with a long list of sub-tier suppliers and component orders.  Customers purchasing departments benefit by having improved productivity, able to focus on what they do best, driven by Legacy Components’s people and systems integration delivering what you need when you need it.

Our high quality standards and approval system allows for faster, more efficient, product distribution. Our employees are proud to add real value to our customers’ businesses every day. The intimate relationships and unique synergy we are able to establish with our customers drives our success.

Legacy Components remove supply chain complexity and cost, bringing quality, value and performance to their customers, wherever they are in the world.


“Wherever you are, and whatever you need, you can rely on us to get the job done!”

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Legacy Components, LLC
4613 North Clark Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33614

Sales and Customer Service:

Toll Free:    (866) 77-LEGACY (53422)
International:     (813) 964-6805
Fax:                        (813) 354-3525